Natural Care for the Most Precious Skin

Baby Balm, 2oz
All-Natural, Safe, Effective Nutrition for Your Baby's Precious Skin
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  • Diaper Rash
  • Heat Rash
  • Other Baby Rashes
  • Nourishment, Protection, Moisturizing


Simply rub True Love Baby Balm into the affected area, and watch the tears disappear. Apply as needed.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, MSM, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Lanolin, Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil Blend

True Love Baby Balm

Traditional skin rash treatments give you the choice of: eliminating the rash, but drying / irritating the skin; or soothing the itch, but not fighting the rash. And as parents ourselves, we know how crushing it can be to hear the constant sobs and cries of pain and discomfort.

Baby Balm is different! It’s not just a barrier to moisture, rather it’s an all-natural blend of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, and other nutrients your baby craves, all in a topical application.

This wonderfully rich and creamy balms naturally nourishes and soothes, and is terrific for all sorts of rashes babies are bound to get – from diaper rash to heat rash. And even when they don’t have a rash, Baby Balm is a great way to keep your baby’s precious skin as smooth, supple, and healthy as the day they were born.

So show your Baby some True Love today, and try Baby Balm!

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