Cold Sores Can't Stop True Love

Honey Cream, 0.6oz
All-Natural & Effective treatment for Cold Sores.
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“I love Cold Sore Honey Cream. I am so surprised that it even worked. Nothing else I have used has worked. Not only did it work but my cold sore was gone in ONE day. It was amazing because it stopped the pain right away. I get cold sores all the time and they usually last 2 weeks and can even grow up my nose. I am going to tell my friends and use it all the time because it works on my dry lips too! Thank you! Thank you!”

~ Jackie from Utah

“I used to get cold sores monthly. But since using Cold Sore Honey Cream, I haven’t had a cold sore in months!”

~ Emily A. from Utah

“I had a very painful cold sore, and after using Cold Sore Honey Cream, it was gone in 2 days!”

~ Marlene from Utah

“I have had cold sores my whole life. I can not believe this amazing Cold Sore Honey Cream took my cold sore away in 5 days. All the other products I’ve tried takes at least a week and cost so much. I love the fact that this is all natural and very affordable. Thank you so much. I will be telling everyone about this wonderful product.”

~ Amy in Arkansas

Honey Cream

Cold sores are a nasty virus that nobody likes. They hang around for a long time, make life unpleasant & painful, but most of all – embarrassing.

Don’t despair! By combining essential oils, including Lemon Balm, to natural minerals, natural Beeswax, and raw Honey, we have created an anti-viral powerhouse that’s also pleasant tasting and pleasant smelling!

Apply Cold Sore Honey Cream any time you need it, and don’t let a nasty outbreak stand between you and True Love!

Buy Cold Sore Honey Cream today. You won’t regret it!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Distilled Water, Honey, MSM, Lanolin, Glycerin, Essential Oil Blend


Simply apply a small amount of Cold Sore Honey Cream to the affected area several times per day until the Cold Sore(s) disappears.

Also, Cold Sore Honey Cream may be used a daily lip balm to moisturize and protect the lips.