Minivans For Moms

Minivans For Moms

12-year-old Jennifer’s world came shattering down around her as she listened to her dad announce to the family that he had gotten another woman pregnant and was leaving to be with his girlfriend and new daughter. Being the consummate con artist & scumbag, he even tried to spin it as “good news”.

Jennifer’s deadbeat dad left her, her mother, and 5 younger siblings completely destitute. Jennifer’s mother Deborah, without any higher education or vocational training, struggled every day to put food on the table, all the while trying to raise 6 kids (the youngest just a baby). She even resorted to rooting through local grocery store dumpsters for tossed-out bread to feed her children.

And as bad as things were, just a couple of months later, the busted up family station wagon had a blowout on the Southern California freeways that smashed them into the median. And though the car was totaled; luckily no one was hurt, but they were all scared, hot, and crying in the middle of a busy California freeway.

Deborah, already frazzled by the stress of being a poor single mom, was now a wreck herself. They were on the way to the dentist! (Who had donated his time!) How would they get there? How would they get home? There was no possible way to repair the damage done to this beat up wagon, let alone replace it. The children weren’t the only ones crying.

Just a few minutes later, California Highway Patrolman Steve Beazert stopped to survey the scene, and found a pitiful sight. Officer Beazert called a wrecker to clear the car off the road, and then piled this poor flock into his cruiser and then set off for the dentist. Dropping off young Jennifer and her family, he then stayed in the parking to do paperwork, including writing out a personal check for $250, which he then presented to Deborah before making sure the family got back home safe & sound, but now minus a vehicle.

Deborah was so grateful she had to do something to thank the Officer Beazert. So she baked a cake, dressed her kids in their Sunday finest, and went to the local Highway Patrol office. She gave them the cake and the family sang for the officers. It was all they had to give, but it was enough. Grizzled cops cried like babies.

News of this spread, and then another miracle happened. A neighbor who had been blessed in her own life heard this tale and felt the Spirit of Charity move on her and she couldn’t resist. That same day, she presented Deborah and her family a brand new, fully loaded, minivan. No strings attached.

This minivan wasn’t just transportation. It was independence, dignity, and a turning point in young Jennifer’s life. Her family immediately nicknamed it “the white dove”, after Noah’s doves. They knew that the flood would recede, and that they too would eventually reach dry ground. And they knew that Angels walked among us.

And now that Jennifer has been blessed in her own life, all she can do is pay those blessings forward and continue the cycle of True Love began so many years ago.

To continue the charity shown her decades ago, Jennifer (Co-Founder of True Love Skin Care), has pledged to set aside a portion of every product sold towards Minivans 4 Moms, which is dedicated to providing reliable transportation for families in need.

Jennifer, and her company True Love Skin Care, are determined to bring independence and dignity to others the way that minivan brought it to her mother and family.

If you know a family in needed, please tell us their story. Let us know who they are, and why they need help, and how a new vehicle would change their lives.

Despite the name, there’s zero requirement that your nominee is a single mom, any family in need qualifies.

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Legal Disclaimer – Any all recipients must be 18 years old or older, must be US citizens, must currently reside within the continental United States, and must be legally allowed to drive in their State of residence. Any and all vehicles donated are at the sole discretion of True Love Skin Care, LLC. Once donated, all vehicles are the property and responsibility of the receiving party. True Love Skin Care, LLC bears no responsibility for upkeep, nor bears any liability in case of accident or harm.