True Love Product Catalog

Multi-Product Packs

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Sun Kissed Pack: Glow + Silk + Mineral Mist + Cleanse
A 6-week supply of True Love Glow + Silk + Mineral Mist + Cleanse. 4 Great Products for 1 Great Price!
Rescue Pack: Nourishing Balm + Spot Paste
Rescue Pack: Nourishing Balm + Spot Paste
The True Love Rescue Pack is the ultimate in extreme rash care. Combining the potent direct nutrition of Spot Paste nightly, and the soothing calm of Nourishing Balm daily, your rash doesn't stand a chance!
 Balance Pack: Private Paste + Feminine Balm
All-Natural & effective feminine hygiene & balance. The Balance Pack includes Private Paste + Feminine Balm and saves you 10% vs buying separately.
Pamper Pack: Professional Grade + Hot Springs + Pumice Stones
Treat Yourself! Or, better yet, treat your True Love! Contains a 4oz Professional Grade, (3) Hot Springs Mineral Soaks, and (3) Pumice Stones. Everything you need to truly love the skin you're in!


Individual Products

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Spot Paste, 1oz
All-Natural & Effective treatment for spots, moles, skin tags, and "mystery" blemishes.
Wart Paste, 1oz
All-natural, pain-free, effective wart care.
Molluscum Paste, 1oz
All-Natural & Effective treatment for Molluscum.
Fungus Paste, 1oz
All-natural & effective care for toenail fungus.
Private Paste, 1oz
Naturally supports feminine balance and freshness.
Feminine Balm, 2oz
An all-natural topical nutritional supplement.
True Love Intimacy
An All-Natural Personal Lubricant. This lube makes sex easier and more enjoyable, all while providing both of you with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your most delicate skin craves.
Nourishing Balm, 4oz
An all-natural topical nutritional supplement for rashes.
Baby Balm, 2oz
All-Natural, Safe, Effective Nutrition for Your Baby's Precious Skin
Professional Grade, 4oz
Professional Grade help for critically dry skin.
Honey Cream, 0.6oz
All-Natural & Effective treatment for Cold Sores.
Hive Cream, 1oz
All-natural & effective relief from the pain & itch of hives.
Sinus & Throat Cream, 0.6oz
All-natural pain relief.
True Love's Kiss
True Love's Kiss
Total nutrition for healthy, soft, and kissable lips.
For hyper-sensitive skin, and skin with open wounds to calm and soothe the sting of other True Love products to allow healing to begin.