All-Natural, Pain-Free, & Effective Wart Care

Wart Paste, 1oz
All-natural, pain-free, effective wart care.
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“I had about 25 plantar warts on my foot, and I tried a few methods to get rid of them, but couldn’t. I had shown my doctor and asked about treating them, but the treatments for it weren’t guaranteed, and most commonly involved just cutting it out, which is kind of terrifying for me. My mom found Wart Paste, so we tried it. Within a week or so, I was relatively pain free, and not a single new wart had appeared. I continued to apply the paste and by the end of 3 weeks, the warts had turned black, and fell out, literally.
I highly recommend this product!”

~ Delaney from Utah

“I had a huge wart in the middle of my eyebrows and after applying Wart Paste consistently to it, it’s gone! I have tried other painful methods and they didn’t work. My wife couldn’t be happier too!”

~ Brian Y. from Utah

“Thank you thank you! Just shared on my Facebook. Wart Paste has ended the long trail of things that didn’t work on my son’s warts!!!!”

~ Julianne K. from Michigan

“I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for several years, (It was) so painful I was walking on the inside of my foot to try and relieve the pain. A good friend of mine gave me some Wart Paste to try. I used it for a week and the pain was gone, then never returned. What a miracle!”

~ Andi T. from Indiana

“I had 7 warts on my hands, and 2 were even under my nails. They were very painful! Then one day my mom started putting some Wart Paste on my fingers at night. The pain was gone in 3 days, and the warts fell off a couple weeks later! Wart Paste is awesome!!”

~ Emily S. from Utah

“I used Wart Paste for week and a half. I had a wart for 2 years on my hand that was really dry and annoying. I only applied Wart Paste like 8 times. It turned soft and then started to disappear. I never applied it again and it just shrunk to nothing. It was pain free and easy! I highly recommend it!”

~ Benjamin T. from Utah

“My 8 year old daughter developed a large wart on her thumb. We put Wart Paste on every night for 2 weeks and it got really soft and then disappeared. Thank you Wart Paste! It was fast, easy, and most of all PAINLESS!”

~ Monika G. from Idaho

“My son had five plantar warts that we couldn’t get rid of, so we decided to try Wart Paste. We used it faithfully for a couple of weeks and the warts multiplied! So, we stopped using the product thinking it had failed. About a week later I was prepared to call the doctor, but he noticed some of the warts turning black. Within the next couple of weeks they were all gone and most importantly the pain was gone. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!!!”

~ Christy C. from Utah

“I have to tell everyone about my AMAZING success story using Wart Paste – I had a very, very, very painful plantar wart almost an inch long on my right heel for 5 months. And within less then 2 weeks the wart was totally gone with new skin growing back! I can walk, dance, and be merry once more! Sooooo much gratitude for this amazing product!”

~ Norianna D. from Utah

“I have had a wart on my elbow for years and now its gone. Wart Paste worked, it only took 3 weeks. It really works!! The end.”

~ Pepper T. from Utah

Wart Paste

Warts can be stubborn and difficult to remove, making wart care an exercise in frustration!

We know your pain! (Literally.)

Warts are the reason we got into the skin care business. When freezing, poisons, burning, duct tape, and an endless variety of so called “home remedies” didn’t work for us, we developed our own treatment. And it worked! Not just for us, but for thousands of other people so far!

Wart Paste is made from all-natural ingredients, it’s pain-free, and it’s effective wart care. Try it today. You won’t regret it!

  • Safe for ALL ages, including children.
  • Safe for ALL types of warts, including anal & genital warts.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ingredients: Olive Oil, MSM, Olive Leaf, Essential Oil Blend


Apply a small (pea-sized) amount to a bandage and cover the affected area(s) . Reapply at least once a day, but preferably every 12 hours for quicker results. You may leave it uncovered during the day and it will still be effective, but we recommend keeping the wart(s) covered constantly for quicker results. Continue for 2-6 weeks. Consistency is key. Interrupting the applications will allow time for the wart virus to fight back, making it take longer to kill it completely.

Hint: If you can do so without pain, file away as much callused skin over the wart(s) as possible. This allows the oils to get directly to the wart virus much quicker.

Cautions: Oil rises to the top over time, please be careful when opening, and stir before applying. Wart Paste is a powerhouse of essential oils! Applying it over broken skin may cause some stinging. If this is the case, simply dilute Wart Paste with some Olive Oil.

You will typically see one of 3 results. Your warts will:

  1. … simply disappear. Ding dong! The warts are dead!
  2. … die! (Woohoo!) But, the callus they create remains, turning hard and brittle. If you can file the callus without pain, the wart is dead! Otherwise, continue treating the area until the wart is completely gone.
  3. … turn black and then fall off (much like a scab), revealing new healthy skin underneath. The wart is dead and gone!

Rarely, you will see more warts appear after applying Wart Paste. Don’t panic! This is simply the wart virus trying to run away. But with Wart Paste, there’s nowhere to hide. Keep applying Wart Paste to those new warts, and you’ll see positive results shortly! Use Wart Paste, and finally send your warts packing!