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In our quest for cleanliness, we’ve become obsessed with eradicating bacteria. This obsession, however, often does more harm than good. Many commercial soaps are laden with chemical antibacterial ingredients, alcohol, and sulfates, all of which can strip your skin of its natural defenses. Here are three compelling reasons to reconsider your soap choices and embrace more natural alternatives:

Bad Ingredients Destroy Essential Nutrients

Most “soaps” are we use are actually classified as chemical detergents, and contain harsh chemicals and alcohol. While these ingredients may kill bacteria, they also strip away vital nutrients & protective oils from your skin. For instance, alcohol can deplete your skin of vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps maintain skin health and integrity. This leaves your skin vulnerable to damage and less able to repair itself. Additionally, use of antibacterial agents disrupts the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin, potentially leading to skin issues and weakened immune responses.

Sulfates Strip Natural Oils

Sulfates, commonly found in soaps, are detergents that create a rich lather but also strip your skin of its natural oils. These oils form a protective barrier that keeps your skin hydrated and shields it from environmental damage. When this barrier is removed, your skin becomes dry, irritated, and more prone to infections. By ditching sulfate-laden soaps, you can maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance and protect its health.

Obsessive Cleanliness and the Superbug Epidemic

  1. Our society’s fixation on killing bacteria has contributed to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The overuse of antibacterial products creates an environment where only the strongest, most resistant bacteria survive and multiply. This is a dire consequence of our obsession with cleanliness. By using natural alternatives that support rather than strip your skin’s defenses, you help maintain a healthy microbiome and reduce the risk of contributing to the superbug crisis.

The Importance of a Balanced Approach to Cleanliness

While it’s important to maintain good hygiene, there is such a thing as being too clean. Children who grow up in overly sanitized environments are more likely to develop allergies and autoimmune conditions. This is because their immune systems don’t get the chance to interact with and learn from various microbes found in dirt and nature. Exposure to these microbes is essential for developing a robust immune system.

Embrace Natural Solutions for Better Health

In response to these concerns, I’ve created a line of soft air foaming castile soaps balanced with essential oils. These natural ingredients gently cleanse your skin while fostering a healthy balance of good bacteria. Essential oils like tea tree and lavender have natural antibacterial properties without the harshness of chemical additives. By using these natural soaps, you can effectively clean your skin without stripping away its natural defenses or contributing to the superbug epidemic.


Ditching chemical-laden soaps and embracing natural alternatives is a step towards better health for you and your family. It’s time to move away from the obsession with killing bacteria and towards a more balanced approach that respects and supports our body’s natural defenses. Try our natural foaming castile soaps and feel the difference for yourself. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be doing your part to promote a healthier, more sustainable world.



First Defense Pack

Uses: Fortify your Immune System with clean, natural, & direct nutrition!