1. Fashion.Let’s face it, even though we depend on the Sun for life as we know it, it is trying to kill us. Always.

It’s constantly bombarding us with incredible amounts of solar radiation; and while our skin is a terrific natural shield, much like a Star Trek force field, it can only take so much.

And despite this, we collectively decided that wearing hats is unfashionable and that skimpy dresses and shorts & t-shirts were completely fashionable. Apparently the human race prefers skin cancer over being unfashionable. And while this year’s sun dress may be adorable on you, malignant growths aren’t.

I apologize for the doom & gloom beginning, but after running a skin care company, the long term effects of solar radiation are horrifying. Hopefully I haven’t scared you all off. My bad.

2. The Cult of Clean. The world is a lot better place to live than it was just 200 hundred years ago. Transportation, communication, medicine – they all play a role. But one of the greatest changes is sanitation. We couldn’t live without clean cities, clean food, or clean water, but our ancestors collective joy at conquering the horror of cholera & dysentery has filtered down to us as an obsession with cleanliness.

Any virtue taken to the point of obsession can become a vice. We don’t just need proteins, sugars, and fat to function; salt, copper, iron, sulfur are all minerals we need to thrive, and much of that is being washed away in our obsessive pursuit of clean. Many experts agree that our world has become a little too sanitized, and it’s negative effects are beginning to show with antibiotic-resistant “super bugs”, and increasing severe food allergies.

I’m not saying we need to go eat some dirt, but we need to replace the minerals we’re purging from our diet.

3. Alcoholism. While many people are aware of the dangers of (and try to avoid) excessive alcohol consumption, many are perfectly happy to slather themselves in alcohol every day in a futile effort to sterilize our world.

Despite a constant drumbeat of studies and experts that say, at best, hand sanitizers are horrible for your skin and do nothing to stop illness, or at worst, they’re helping to breed super-bacteria – we still use them compulsively. Your skin is your best barrier against disease, but cracked, broken skin caused by excessive alcohol actually makes you more vulnerable, not less.

To make matters worse, almost every lotion, hand cream, or other “moisturizer” contains some form of alcohol. So when you put it on, it feels great, but as the alcohol quickly evaporates you’re left feeling dry again all too quickly. So what do you do? Put some more lotion on of course!

You gotta admit, it’s not a bad business model.

4. Malnutrition. We are obsessed with food. Whether we’re gluttons or nibblers, what we eat (or don’t eat) is on our minds constantly. And that makes sense. Every organ in our body needs nutrition to function, and hunger is a primal force.But what about the largest organ in our body – our skin? How much thought do we give to feeding our skin? Do we even know what our skin needs? And is eating the only way to nourish it?

If you’re like most people, your skin is severely under-nourished; lacking the basic building blocks to maintain health and vitality. And this, combined with the constant wear and tear we’re giving ourselves, it’s no wonder that billions of people suffer from some sort of skin condition.

There’s two reasons for this – first, a lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, as mentioned above. Second, because your body is designed to protect your core first, often your skin is the last thing to receive it’s share of nutrition.

The easiest way to overcome this is to feed your skin directly, with a topical nutrition supplement.

5. You Haven’t Discovered True Love.Luckily, as thousands of people have discovered, you can truly love the skin you’re in. Unlike other skincare products that simply try to mask problems with water and oil, True Love nourishes your skin at the cellular level, providing your skin with the minerals & nutrients it needs to maintain health. And if your cells are healthy, then your skin is healthy. So, give yourself a little True Love today.