When I started getting plantar warts I did what most everyone does – I assumed you just go the Doctor and get them removed. Easy, right? Well, I learned, as many, many, many others before me have, it’s not so easy. So here’s 5 things your Doctor isn’t telling you about wart treatments:

  1. Many doctors and medical associations are switching to a “No Treat” policy for warts.
    • With more and more making this decision every year. Why? Well, keep reading.
  2. Compared to traditional medical treatments, doing nothing isn’t actually that bad an option.
    • With no treatments, most studies say warts will go away 30% of the time after 6 months.
    • No cost to the patient. (Cheap is nice.)
    • No additional pain, scarring, or other side effects.
    • No lost confidence in the medical profession when medical treatments fail.
  3. Traditional treatments are terrible.
    • Whether using freezing, burning, acid, or poison – all legacy treatments operate on the same principle. Damage the healthy tissue surrounding the wart to activate your body’s immune defense.
    • In other words, legacy treatments don’t actually heal the wart. They just make things so bad, your body’s immune system is forced to respond.
    • Even so, most studies show this only improves your odds about 5%.
    • Home treatments are less effective than this, since most people aren’t willing to self-inflict enough pain to make the treatments work.
    • So, your choice is an expensive Doctor’s visit, enduring pain and possible scarring, paying a ridiculous co-pay, all for improving your chances by about 1 in 20 over doing nothing?
    • Or, you can save yourself a few bucks, endure the same pain and possible scarring, and have no better chance than if you did nothing?
    • It’s like trying to saving a choking person by punching them in the mouth so someone else calls the cops, hoping they show up in time. Even if you do save the choking victim, you’re still going to jail for assault.
  4. Surgery is a horrible option.
    • Even though it doubles your chances of removing a wart (compared to legacy treatments), most competent doctors will discourage surgery; only using it as a act of last resort. Why?
    • Well, doubling your chances still only gives you around a 70% chance of success. When it comes to surgery, that’s pretty low odds. And that’s per wart.
    • And that’s “at best” odds. That number can go down significantly, depending on your surgeon. Side note – maybe surgery isn’t the best area to try and save a few bucks?
    • And let’s be frank, they are literally removing chucks of skin and flesh, either by cutting or burning. This is painful, invasive, can cause scarring, and requires a long recovery.
    • And like cancer, if they don’t get every single bit of that wart virus, there’s no guarantee they won’t return.
  5. But finally, there’s a better option – Wart Paste.
    • Using a blend of plant extracts, minerals, and essential oils; Wart Paste is direct nutrition for your skin.
    • Rather than hurting your skin like freezing, acids, or poisons; we give your skin the building blocks it needs to healthy!
    • And not only does it not hurt, it nourishing formula is terrific for your skin. We even use a less-concentrated formula as the basis for our beautifying True Love Scrub!
    • Wart Paste is 100% all-natural with no chemicals or anything artificial.
    • Wart Paste is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t like it, we offer a hassle-free money-back promise!