Tales of True Love

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What is MSM anyways?

Almost every True Love Skin Care product contains MSM. But, if you've never heard of MSM, don't feel bad. Outside of body builders & other extreme athletes, it's a relatively unknown mineral. Within that world, it's a highly regarded & very common supplement....

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5 Causes of Poor Skin

1. Fashion.Let’s face it, even though we depend on the Sun for life as we know it, it is trying to kill us. Always. It’s constantly bombarding us with incredible amounts of solar radiation; and while our skin is a terrific natural shield, much like a Star Trek force...

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Tales of a 4th Grade PITA

"But Why?" Who knew that 2 little words could cause so much exasperation? But when you're someone who questions everything, apparently it can get annoying to those you're asking. Especially when their best answer is "Because". According to those in the know, I've been...

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Happy Accidents

Like many children of the 80's I spent hours glued to the TV watching Bob Ross on PBS. Watching him was like watching a magician. You saw what he accomplished, but having just witnessed it, you still had no idea how he actually did it. I'm still fairly certain he was...

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The Entrepreneur Life!

As an entrepreneur, this was a LOL video, and I certainly saw myself in a few comments. Now, I have to admit, a couple of barbs stung a bit. But, one thing you need to learn if you're ever going to find success is to have a pretty thick skin.But the best part was...

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How It All Started

The best analogy I can come up with for what it's like to have a plantar wart is to take a popcorn kernel, tape it to the bottom of your feet, and just walk around. Now in my case, go ahead and add 2 dozen more, and then leave them on for almost 2 years. Sounds like...

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… And So It Begins

Well, as is often the case. I'm doing this simply so people will stop saying, "You should write a blog!". And honestly, I like the idea of having a place to catalog my observations and process my thoughts of this crazy roller coaster called "being an entrepreneur". If...

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