Hello, my Lovelies! Do you find yourself constantly suffering from dry, cracked, & sore hands and feet. What you probably don’t know is the culprit is those lotions, soaps, and hand sanitizers you’re applying religiously! As I always say – READ YOUR LABELS! So, let’s do a deep dive and discover the reason for your dry skin woes! And then we’ll discuss the very simple solution that Mother Nature provides!

The Deceptive World of Big Skin Care:

Many commercial lotions, soaps, and hand sanitizers claim to moisturize, but in reality they’re probably doing more harm than good.

The first reason is that alcohol is a common ingredient in all 3 products. Yet alcohol is horrible for your skin? So why use it? First it’s a cheap filler. Secondly alcohol feels good on the skin when applied. But, because it evaporates so quickly, you quickly lose that good feeling, and want to re-apply often. More applications = more $$$ for the manufacturer. But, not only do these high-alcohol products end up costing you more money, they also strip your skin of protective oils (and even Vitamin A!), which in turn makes your skin even dryer!

Secondly, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is found in all sorts of products from Big Skin Care. while being banned in Europe and much of Asia, Big Skin Care has made sure it’s legal in the USA. We love our cheap fillers here. But, it also strips oils and is a major allergen. And when your skin is irritated, it’s more vulnerable to damage and infection!

Finally, hand soaps & sanitizers contain detergents designed to remove grease & grime. But there’s no way to differentiate between natural, protective oils, and pollutants. So it all gets washed down the drain together. Ask any nurse, doctor, or other professional who washes their hands frequently. The more you wash, the worse your hands are. Unfortunately, this can leave your hands dry to the point of cracking and bleeding, which actually makes you more susceptible to infections, not less!

Toxic Ingredients Galore:

But wait, there’s more! There’s plenty of other dirty secrets hidden in the labels of your favorite skin care products. Artificial Preservatives, Parabens, Surfactants, Fragrances, Dyes, and even Formaldehyde! Again, the EU and much of Asia have banned 100’s of chemicals from skin care, but the USA hasn’t! Each one of these harmful substances are not only bad for your skin but can affect your entire body negatively. And, in the case of fragrances & dyes they’re not even legally required to inform you of what, exactly, is in there! What chemical, exactly, creates that smell? “Not important! But, it’s safe, trust us!” What’s worse is that they engineer these products to be just as addictive as soda pop and nacho chips, ensuring you keep buying more & more.

Let Mother Nature Break Your Addiction Cycle:

Enter Mother Nature, the hero of our story. N#MotherNatureFresh ingredients like plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals are not only absolutely critical for your skin’s health and natural balance, they also are perfect for maintaining proper moisture levels and maintaining your skin’s protective oils. And if you combine that with eliminating the toxins found in Big Skin Care products, you’ll be AMAZED at the results. Everyone wants beautiful skin. But the obvious thing many miss is that all you need to reach that goals is healthy skin. And all you need for healthy skin is nourished skin. I believe that going back to basics, going back to what Mother Nature provides is the easy short cut, to beautiful, balanced skin. That’s why my True Love products are packed with nutrients, minerals, moisturizers, humectants, and vitamin-rich oils that not only address dryness but also strengthen and soften your skin. Unlike conventional products that leave your skin dependent on them, True Love aims to break the addiction cycle.

It’s time to bid farewell to dry cracked  hands and feet and the endless cycle of ineffective skincare products. Embrace True Love and let your skin experience the care it truly deserves. Say no to toxic ingredients and yes to the rejuvenating power of Mother Nature. Your hands will thank you for choosing True Love – the answer for your dry skin woes.

Pro Grade Pack

Uses: Soothe severely dry & cracked hands, elbows, heels, & feet!