Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Products really work?

Unfortunately, nothing is 100%. But the odds are certainly in your favour now that you’ve found True Love! We absolutely stand behind our results, and 99.8% of our customers stand with us! And because we’re so confident, we willingly offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back!

True Love’s magic is a our combination of oils, minerals and plant extracts that penetrate into the skin and rejuvenate cells from the inside out. No bleaches, no poisons, no alcohol, no PAIN! If your cells are healthy, your skin’s healthy too!

Why is Wart Paste or Spot Paste oily / sandy / green?

It’s perfectly normal! Our products are 100% natural, with nothing artificial. They’re a blend of essential oils, minerals, and plant extracts. And just like natural peanut butter, the oils in our product will separate from the solids over time.

Simply use a cotton swab (or similar) to stir the paste before each use.

Can you tell me what this spot is? Can I use a True Love product on it?

We are not doctors. We can’t diagnose illnesses, nor can we prescribe treatments. What we can say is that all True Love products are made using 100% natural ingredients all known to be non-harmful and beneficial to the skin. We can say that True Love products will not harm or damage your skin in any way. So even if it doesn’t help, it will never harm.

Why is my wart still there? It’s not working!

In some cases, you may actually kill a wart with no visible change on the surface. If the wart becomes hard & brittle, simply file it away. If you can do so without pain, the wart is dead!

However, in most cases, it’s either because of inconsistent application, or not enough time. Consistency is key!

Like any organism, a viral /bacterial /fungal infections tries to avoid death. And, when under attack, it will fight back. By delaying the attack, you’re allowing that infection to build its defenses. Once you stop, don’t stop until the wart, cold sore, or other infection, is completely gone. Not even for a day. And while many customers see results in a few days, most will take around 2 weeks. And some stubborn warts and other issues may take as many as 6 weeks!

Never give up! Never surrender!

My wart is turning black! Is that bad?

It means True Love has won the day! The wart is dying, and much like a scab, will darken, harden, and then fall off. With new, healthy, pinkish skin underneath. At this point, the skin will heal, and in a few weeks, you won’t even be able to tell you ever had a wart.

My wart is multiplying! Why?

This is a good thing! The wart is running scared!

Because the wart is under attack, it is fighting back by spreading. But the virus has no defence against this type of attack. So continue to apply Wart Paste every day, and you will quickly see results!

My wart fell off and left a big hole! Will this leave scars?

No! Wart Paste not only killed the wart, but it also nourished the surrounding healthy skin. The new skin will continue to heal over time, and in a few weeks, you won’t even be able to tell you ever had a wart.

Your labels are so cute! Who designed them?

They were designed by our amazing daughter, who is an incredible artist! You can follow her on Instagram @gingersnappler!