Like many children of the 80’s I spent hours glued to the TV watching Bob Ross on PBS. Watching him was like watching a magician. You saw what he accomplished, but having just witnessed it, you still had no idea how he actually did it. I’m still fairly certain he was part wizard.

Well today I was reminded of how true his oft-quoted sentiment is. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dale, one of the managers of Macey’s in Provo. We had just been accepted into that store, and I was there to make the initial delivery. Well Dale was just about the nicest guy I’ve met. He had already met Jennifer (and of course he thought she was adorable), and we ended up having a 15 minute conversation about our products, running a skincare business, and running a grocery store. He mentioned his wife had used a sample of Honey Balm on a stubborn rash on her hand and within minutes it had calmed down and stopped hurting. I smiled & with a wink said, “Of course it worked”. While I’m accustomed to success stories, it sure feels good to keep getting them!  😀

Of course he was hooked and was excited to be selling True Love in his store (and so are we)! He was also curious about our other products, so I spent some time explaining them and eventually we got to Spot Paste. We were having a good time, so I decided to tell him it’s origin story.

As my regulars will know, this all began with Jennifer creating Wart Paste, and for many months we were “just” a wart company. We never imagined having an entire line of skincare products. In fact, the story of True Love Skincare begins with a “mistake”. Early on we bought plastic jars that leaked and were just a bit too small, making spills common.

Back then my wife’s aunt Sherry called and asked for a jar of “that wart stuff” to try. So Jenn mailed one of these leaky, spill-prone jars to California. Predictably, Aunt Sherry spilled a bunch of oil that had pooled to the top. But rather than waste it, Sherry decided to rub that spilled oil into her hands.

Several days later, Aunt Sherry called us in near hysterics. Apparently, for over 10 years she had a large, dark black age spot on her hand that she HATED. She was beside herself, telling Jennifer that the spot was lighter.  Of course we were thrilled, but cautious. So we waited for further reports. Within a few weeks, Aunt Sherry reported that her age spot was many shades lighter and was barely visible. And thus with a happy little accident of some spilled oil, Spot Paste was born. (But we did buy better jars!)

As with many success stories, this one involves a little bit of luck. But at the same time, this happy accident only happened because we had a dream and then never gave up. Jennifer & I have met countless people who have heard our story, and then shared their own stories – ones where they have a good (or even great) idea, but then don’t follow through because they decided before they even started that it wasn’t possible. Each time, I’m so sad they’re never going to have their own happy accidents.

“If you think you can, you’re right. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.“ – Henry Ford