Honey Balm has Evolved

Honey Balm is one of our most popular products. So we … uhhh … changed the name.

“WHAT? Where’s my beloved Honey Balm? You monsters!” – Said every customer. Ever.

First of all, your Honey Balm is alive & well. We may not be marketing geniuses, but here at True Love Skin Care our mission is to provide the best, most effective skin care possible. So, rather than have one do-it-all product, we created FOUR terrific new products, each one specifically formulated for specific issues.

The REAL reason we changed the name...

Jennifer could never keep Honey Balm and Honey Cream straight. And we figured if the Founder always messed up the names, then no one else stood a chance!
Nourishing Balm

If Honey Balm has saved your life from never ending rashes, then never fear – Nourishing Balm is the answer! Same great formula, new improved name!

Professional Grade

If you used Honey Balm as a daily moisturizer, then you’ll LOVE new Professional Grade. Now even better at healing critically dry, cracked skin.

True Love Silk

For everyone who swore by Honey Balm as the greatest wrinkle-reducer and makeup primer ever, then new True Love Silk is just what you’re looking for.

Baby Balm

We took our amazing Honey Balm and created a special, milder, formula. Baby Balm is perfect for diaper rashes and other baby skin issues.