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Sun Kissed Pack Daily Facial

Sun Kissed Pack Daily Facial


Every day, your skin is bombarded with radiation, pollution, and especially the harsh chemicals in your body wash, shampoo, laundry soap, deodorant, perfume, makeup, and much more, that you slather on yourself every single day. It’s no wonder that skin cancer and untreated skin conditions are epidemic today.

Unfortunately the skin care industry’s answer is – more chemicals!

But, at True Love we’re pioneering the concept of radical self care through natural, complete, & direct skin nutrition! So, if you’d rather look like you’ve been lovingly kissed by the sun, rather than an old leather bag, than the Sun Kissed Pack is for you!

The Sun Kissed Pack is an all-natural, complete self care package. It’s your daily regimen for nourishing and maintaining strong, healthy, glowing skin. Other skin care products either just mask problems with water & oil, or try to help with harsh, addicting, chemicals. True Love is different – nothing artificial, no chemicals, no alcohol! Just a combination of minerals, vitamins, essential oils, and other nutrients!

Use daily for maximum skin health & nourishment, so you can Truly Love the Skin You’re In!

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Why True Love Skin Care Sun Kissed Pack

True Love Skin Care is all about helping you fall in love with you skin all over again. When you love the skin you're in, you glow all over. Add that to our our all natural minerals and oils that are already making your skin glow - you will never look better!

The Sun Kissed Facial Pack is:

  • Chemical Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Rich in Essential Minerals
  • Full of Healthy Essential Oils
  • Going to Make Your Skin Glow
  • Simple and Easy To Use



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Sun Kissed Pack Daily Facial

Sun Kissed Pack Daily Facial


The Sun Kissed Pack is more than a daily facial – it’s a head-to-toe, all-natural, complete self care package! We recommend using it daily on your:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Back
  • … or anywhere else that you want healthy, radiant, nourished skin!

Step 1 – Cleanse

  • Use Cleanse to gently wash away dirt, makeup, and other skin contaminants, and rinse with water.

Step 2 – Glow

  • Open & stir Glow until it has an even consistency (ie – no oil at the top).
  • Apply a pea-sized drop of Glow to one area of your body (Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Hands, etc), and gentlyspread over this area.

Step 3 – Mineral Mist

  • Spray area liberally with True Love Mineral Mist and then continue gently rubbing area until minerals melt into your skin. (If your skin still feels gritty after this step, try using less Glow in the future.)

Step 4 – Silk

  • Finish by applying Silk (a little goes a loooong way!), with extra attention to “trouble areas” – any place you need a little extra True Love for healthy skin.
  • You can also use Silk as your makeup primer!