True Love Auto Ship

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$68.00 / month


Choose AutoShip & Save!

Choose AutoShip & Save!

Do you just have to try ALL the products without breaking the bank? AutoShip! 

Know what you want, and want to have a steady supply at a great discount? AutoShip!

Want to show off your smarts with the easiest, most flexible, and cheapest option around? AutoShip! 

With AutoShip, you’ll get a True Love Pack of your choice, each & every month. And not only is AutoShip cheaper than the regular retail price, you’ll never pay shipping after the first shipment! That’s a discount of up to $23 each month!

Simply choose your Pack at time of purchase. Then if you want a different Pack, you can switch at any time. (You can even pick a different Pack each & every month!) Or if you’re happy with what you’re getting, simply do nothing and another Pack will arrive each month without you lifting a finger!


Balance Pack – Maintain Feminine Balance!

Body Care Pack – Naturally care for your body from head to toes!

Comfort Pack – Soothe the aches & pains of colds, flu, etc.

Deep Rub Pack – 2 full size jars of our Deep Rub pain cream

First Defense Pack – Stop germs in their tracks with natural essential oils & plant extracts!

Fresh Pack – Feel Fresh! Be Fresh! Look Fresh!

Glamour Pack – The ultimate skin care for a glamorous look, darling!

Joy Pack – 3 different Mood Sprays to help spritz Joy into your day!

Pamper Pack – Pamper yourself after a long day with these luxurious goodies!

Rescue Pack – Soothe itchy, painful rashes, lesions. All while nourishing your skin back to a healthy beautiful state!

Scalp Pack – 2 full size bottles of our natural Scalp Treatment

Soap Pack (Body Wash) – Three 12 fl oz refill pouches of our foaming Body Wash

Soap Pack (Cleanse) – Three 12 fl oz refill pouches of our foaming Cleanse

Soap Pack (Hand Soap) – Three 12 fl oz refill pouches of our foaming Hand Soap

Soap Pack (Variety) – Three 12 fl oz refill pouches. One each of our foaming Body Wash, Cleanse, & Hand Wash

Summer Care Pack – Soothe the itch, sting, & pain of kid’s bug bites, scrapes, bruises, and sun burn.

Sun Kissed Pack – Feel young again by fighting the damaging effects of the sun with this powerhouse pack!

Travel Pack – Want to take True Love on the go? Includes travel-size versions of the Body Care Pack & the Sun Kissed Pack!

Wart Care Pack – Warts don’t stand a chance against this triple threat that’s full of skin-nourishing minerals, essential oils, & plant extracts!

AutoShip Terms & Conditions

I. Switching Packs

With Auto Ship you will receive your chosen pack every month until you choose to change your pack, or your subscription is cancelled. You may switch Packs prior to your order being fulfilled, and you may switch every month if you so choose. To make the switch, contacting either  Customer Service, or login to your Customer Account. Once you switch Packs you will then receive the new Pack every month until a new option is chosen. Again, you may switch each and every month if you so choose. You will need to make your switch request at least 2 business days prior to the payment due date, or we cannot guarantee your request will be processed in time.

II. Commitment & Returns

Because of the steep discount offered for AutoShip, any AutoShip purchase is explicitly exempt from our standard return policy, and instead governed by the terms herein.

By completing an AutoShip purchase, you agree to make monthly payments for no less than three (3) months (including the initial payment). AutoShip may not be cancelled prior to that time, but may be cancelled at anytime thereafter either via email or calling Customer Service. Cancellation notices must be received at least 2 business days prior to the payment due date, or we cannot guarantee your request will be processed in time. AutoShip will continue indefinitely until cancelled, or payment can not be processed. We offer free product replacement for damaged, missing, or incorrect AutoShip items. However, any items purchased via AutoShip are non-refundable.