A Gift from True Love

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You care about your health, and because of that you care about what you put in your body. You only want the best for you and your family.

Your skin is your largest organ. How well are you feeding it? Do you think about what you’re putting ON your body as often as what you’re putting in it?

Unfortunately, modern skin care (even the “top end” brands) are full of stuff you would NEVER put in your body. In fact, the FDA has approved dozens of toxic chemicals that are banned around the world. And these companies are happy to use these chemicals because they’re cheap. As a result, the average consumer isn’t even aware they’re putting hundreds of artificial chemicals EVERY DAY on their skin! YUCK!

And here’s the REALLY bad news, what you put ON you, ends up IN you! Your skin is a great protector, but it does absorb many of the compounds in comes in direct contact with!

So, here at True Love, we use nothing but #MotherNatureFresh ingredients! No chemicals, No parabens, No alcohol!

Just natural, direct, and clean nutrition right where it’s needed most – your skin! So, feed your skin the way you’d feed your body!

The RSVP Gift Set includes 2 of our best-selling products in a special sample size!

Extra Strength Deodorant (0.5 fl oz): Our Deodorant contains no aluminum, no baking soda, and no toxins. Just #MotherNatureFresh ingredients that actually works!

True Love’s Kiss (0.125 fl oz): Our all-natural lip balm keeps your lips kissably-soft, without paraffin, fragrances, or toxins.