Variety Stocking Stuffer Set, Christmas 2021


True Love is the BEST gift this Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! And that means it’s time for True Love’s Christmas-scented Stocking Stuffers!

Tired of the same old, same old gifts this Christmas? Want a unique gift that they’ll LOVE?

Our Stocking Stuffers take our #MotherNatureFresh skin care products, infuse them with essential oils for a natural Peppermint Spruce scent, and then shrink them down to the perfect gift-giving size!

Wow everyone on your list with the best, most natural, skin care out there! Perfect for soothing skin during the harsh winter months! Plus, we pre-wrap them in cute Christmas gift bags, to make your holiday shopping even easier!

The Variety Stocking Stuffer Set Includes three (3) each of our other Stocking Stuffer Sets for Christmas 2021

3 “Original” Sets:
Mimi’s Mud Mask (0.5 fl oz)
Professional Grade (0.5 fl oz)
True Love’s Kiss (0.125 fl oz)

3 “Self Care” Sets:
Peppermint Spruce Body Butter (0.5 fl oz)
Peppermint Spruce Body Lotion (1 fl oz)
Peppermint Spruce Body Wash (2 fl oz)

3 “Mood Spray” Sets:
Cheer Mood Spray (1 fl oz)
Slumber Mood Spray (1 fl oz)

This is a LIMITED-TIME offer & will only be available through December (or while supplies last)!