MSM Almost every True Love Skin Care product contains MSM. But, if you’ve never heard of MSM, don’t feel bad. Outside of body builders & other extreme athletes, it’s a relatively unknown mineral. Within that world, it’s a highly regarded & very common supplement.

Methylsulfonylmethane (more commonly known as MSM powder, or just MSM) is a naturally occurring organic compound found in many sources – such as fruit, corn, milk, tea, coffee, and more.

Now, it may have a hard-to-pronounce, even scary sounding, name. But not everything that has a scary sounding name is actually bad for you – take Dihydrogen Monoxide, for example.
(Hint: Dihydrogen Monoxide = H2O)

As mentioned above, MSM is a naturally occurring organic compound that is one of the best sources of organic sulfur out there. And sulfur is absolutely vital to proper health and nutrition, especially skin and tissue health. (There’s more sulfur in your body than sodium!) In addition, MSM specifically has been shown to reduce inflammation & pain, increase skin elasticity, reduce scarring, speed up healing, and even reduce wrinkles!

And while MSM can be derived from plants and other sources, our MSM is extracted from pure rain water, eliminating any impurities.

And because MSM can absorb directly into the skin, you’re sending these key minerals directly where they’re needed! And we all know that Nourished Skin = Healthy Skin!