As we celebrate our 9th year in helping people, it’s incredible to look back on the quirky and unexpected journey that led us to where we are today. Our story began with an unusual catalyst – 27 stubborn & painful warts on Chris’ feet. Little did we know that those pesky warts would pave the way for a business that thrives on love, care, and a touch of humor.

In the early days, we proudly named our company “Wart Paste,” which seemed appropriate, since we only had the one product. However, as we quickly began adding more and more products to our lineup, that just wouldn’t do. Unfortunately, coming up with a name, is much easier said than done. Not only do you have to avoid existing names, you want to convey your brand’s entire vibe in just one name.

Choosing the right company name proved to be quite the challenge. My best contribution – “Natural Mountain of the Valley” while quite evocative, didn’t quite hit the mark. And we found ourselves in a brainstorming deadlock. But Chris saved the day (as he often does), armed with a fresh apple slush from the Farmer’s Market, he took me for a walk and announced he had the answer. In fact, he was so confident, he had already purchased the website domain. As we strolled through a picturesque park, he declared that our company would be called “True Love Skin Care.” Did he nail it, or what?

The name captured the essence of what we stand for – hand in hand, us against the world, and now sharing a mission to lovingly nourishing your body back to health. It felt romantic, perfect, and reflected the journey that brought us together. From that day forward, True Love Skin Care became a beacon of love and wellness. Today, we’re proud to offer nearly 50 products that span the gamut from addressing acne to tackling warts, and all the letters in between. Our mission remains the same: to help people with a diverse range of skin issues, all while infusing each product with the love and care that started it all.

As we continue to grow, we’re grateful for the support of our customers and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of many. Here’s to many more years of True Love Skin Care—a journey filled with love, laughter, and the occasional Wart Paste memory. Cheers to radiant skin and countless stories yet to unfold! And Cheers to everyone who’s discovered True Love!

Wart Pack

Uses: All types of warts & similar conditions; such as Molluscum or Skin Tags