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Auto-Ship requires a minimum three (3) month subscription, after that you may cancel at any time, for any reason!

Balance Pack

Body Care Pack

Comfort Pack

Deep Rub Pack

First Defense Pack

Fresh Pack

Glamour Pack

Joy Pack

Pamper Pack

Rescue Pack

Scalp Pack

Summer Care Pack

Sun Kissed Pack

Wart Pack

Choose from these Packs:

  1. Balance Pack
  2. Body Care
  3. Comfort Pack
  4. Deep Rub Pack
  5. First Defense Pack
  6. Fresh Pack
  7. Glamour Pack
  8. Joy Pack
  9. Pamper Pack
  10. Rescue Pack
  11. Scalp Pack
  12. Summer Care Pack
  13. Sun Kissed Pack
  14. Wart Pack

Choose from either Auto-Ship option below:

Option #1:
– I have a personal skin care Maven
– Free Shipping
$68 $63 per month
– 3 month minimum (cancel anytime after that)

First Month's Pack
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Option #2:
I don’t have a personal skin care Maven
– I’ll pay $7 S&H every month
– $75 per month (3 month minimum)

First Month's Pack

Don’t want to pay shipping? Just enter “none” above, and we’ll assign one to you & you save $$$!

Attention: Because of the steep discount offered with Auto-Ship, all products purchased via Auto-Ship are exempt from our Standard Return Policy and may not be refunded. However, product will be replaced in cases of shipping damage or defect.