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Start Your Own Business TODAY For As Little As $99!

Need a little extra $$$ on the side? Want to create a second income? Or even a replacement income? Just start a True Love business today and become an independent Skin Care Maven! It’s easier than you think, affordable, and you get to set your own schedule!

The 3 Pillars of True Love:

  1. LOVE Your Products
  2. LOVE Your Tribe
  3. LOVE Your Life

What makes True Love a smart business choice?

  • Truly Unique Products! – Just compare our ingredients to any “competing” brands and you’ll understand. “All Natural” really does mean ALL Natural! Also, we have many products that are truly unique solutions to many frustrating skin conditions.
  • Universal Pricing!Everyone pays the same price, no need to worry about being undercut by other Mavens. Plus, our prices include shippingWhat you see is what you pay!
  • No Monthly Minimums! – There is zero monthly purchase requirements to stay a Maven. Buy as much or as little as you need.
  • No Stocking! – Because customers receive product directly from True Love, there’s no need for you to stock $1,000’s in product. Your Business Kit is your ONLY up-front cost!
  • FREE Product – Not only do we offer an industry-leading Comp Plan, you have the choice to exchange any or all of your monthly payout into double product credit! You should never have to pay for your own True Love products.
  • No Hidden Fees! – Unlike other direct sales companies, you’ll never be surprised by a fee or charge. At True Love, we believe in honesty and cooperation. The ONLY fee you’ll need to pay is an annual $99 Maven Agreement renewal. This covers EVERYTHING needed to run your business. Plus, every time you renew, you get $50 in FREE product credit!

September Rebate Special

Step 1) Sign up as a new Auto-Ship customer -OR- Already have an active Auto-Ship in September

Step 2) Purchase any of our Business Kits during the month of September

Step 3) Receive up to a $150 rebate in October! (Rebates will be processed alongside September Maven earnings.)

Rebates Available:

  •   $50: Maven License
  •   $75: Basic Business Kit
  • $100: Deluxe Business Kit
  • $150: Professional Business Kit