Ding Dong, the Warts are DEAD!

In 2012, Chris started growing a large plantar wart on his foot which made walking incredibly painful, but he tried to endure without complaint. Being a good wife, Jenn took her husband to the doctor to have it removed. After the doctor froze it, the wart didn’t die, but instead began multiplying! And so began a 2 year battle for Chris’ feet!

One wart became 27! One foot became both feet! One doctor became 4, and one visit became $1000’s wasted! By this point the pain when walking was almost unbearable. And even when he was off his feet, Chris’ feet were throbbing constantly. He couldn’t walk, put on 80 pounds, and was horribly depressed & discouraged. Jenn never lost faith, but was stressed by taking on more and more responsibility around the house.

Eventually the “specialist” Chris & Jenn were referred to said, “Sorry, I’m all out of tricks, there’s nothing I can do. I’ve read banana peels might work? Good luck.”. And that was it. They were out of options. Chris resigned himself to his fate – a life of constant pain & immobility. But Jenn wasn’t going down without a fight. If the doc said try banana peels, by God, she would try banana peels! And so she did. And walnuts, and zinc, and tea tree, and so on, and so on. For a year, Jenn researched & experimented by day, and prayed fervently by night! Chris finally drew the line when Jenn mentioned she had read that urine-soaked cotton balls might work! Ewww!

Then, months later, late one night as Jenn continued her studies, Divine inspiration struck light a bolt! There wasn’t a single ingredient that would solve this problem! It required a special blend! Jenn didn’t exactly know why, but she new she needed a specific combination of critical ingredients! So, she quickly bought what she didn’t have and then blended her special paste.

At the same time as Jenn’s inspiration, Chris was having an extra-bad week. Chris had just lost his precious Grandma Elaine. This was especially devastating as they had a very close relationship, especially after Chris lost his mother Cheryl to cancer 2 decades earlier. On top of that, Chris was one of the pall bearers. Jenn had suggested Chris decline since walking was near impossible, but Chris insisted he could endure to honor his Grandma.

After just 2 applications of Jenn’s new paste, the day of the funeral arrived. Chris was not only standing the entire day, he honored his beloved Grandma by helping bear her casket. Jenn held her breath all day knowing her husband was in unbearable pain – emotional & physical. The both spent the evening in silence. Jenn afraid to ask how bad the pain was, and Chris silently mourning his Grandma’s absence. But also thanking God for one small mercy on this difficult day – he wasn’t in any pain!

For several days after Jenn continued applying her paste, and Chris coming to a crazy realization – his chronic pain was GONE!!! He kept silent for a week, afraid to jinx it, but finally said something days later. Jenn & Chris were both over the moon, but agreed on one thing –  don’t stop now! So Jenn continued to apply her new paste! And 2 weeks later, ALL the warts were DEAD and GONE! Never to return!

The key wasn’t to damage skin to trigger your immune response as all other wart “remedies” do. The real key to healthy skin was proper, clean, #MotherNatureFresh nutrition directly where it was needed! And that is how Wart Paste was born and True Love Skin Care got it’s start! And that one product has now become dozen, and Jenn’s 1 person she has helped has become tens of 1000s! And they all lived happily wart-free forever!