Learn the Dirty Truth of Why “Natural” Skin Care Isn’t As Natural As You Think!

Hello my lovelies! Today, we’re diving deep into the dirty world of Big Skin Care! Where their promises of “natural” are as empty as their promises of healthy skin! So, grab your favorite popcorn and settle in for a scary story! Because I’m about to spill the beans on the truth behind that “natural” label!

The Wild World of Marketing Gibberish & Greenwashing

First things first, let’s talk about that infamous “natural” label. Picture this: you’re strolling through a skin care aisle, and there it is, a bottle screaming “NATURAL SKIN CARE” with vibrant flowers & earthy tones. That’s what you want, right? Not so fast! The term “natural” in skin care is as slippery as a bar of soap in the shower. It’s an unregulated marketing buzzword. It’s like they say, “I don not think that word means what you think it means“.

To you “natural” means “clean”, or “good”, or “wholesome”. What it means to the company trying to sell their products is “we added a single natural plant extract so we have cover for using a bunch of cheap, toxic fillers”. See what I mean? Welcome to the age of greenwashing from Big Skin Care! It’s a thin veneer of green to cover all the sludge inside. So, don’t be fooled by the packaging, I don’t care how “natural” the label looks – ALWAYS read the ingredient list, which is regulated, and that’s where the truth is!

Punch & Cookies Skin Care

These Big Skin Care brands think they can slap a few leaves and flowers on their packaging, proclaim it’s natural, and suddenly they’re saving you & the planet. It’s like living on a diet made up of nothing but punch & cookies and expecting to be healthy! Sure, it may taste great, and there’s PLENTY of calories. But punch & cookies don’t have the nutrients to sustain life, and there’s so much sugar in there, it’ll ruin your metabolism & waistline. All the “natural” skin care labels in the world can’t change the fact that Big Skin Care has a completely broken business model. Just like punch & cookies – their products feel good in the short run, but they don’t actually make you any healthier; which just makes you need to use more & more! Big Skin Care wants to give you treatments, not a cure.

While the allure of “natural” skin care is undeniable, and it’s actually critical that you find natural nutrition for your skin, it’s essential to remain savvy and skeptical in the world dominated by Big Skin Care’s products. Don’t be lured by greenwashed marketing or blinded by the promise of all things natural. READ THOSE LABELS!!!

The #MotherNatureFresh Alternative

In my one-woman fight against Big Skin Care’s lies, I’ve adopted the mantra of #MotherNatureFresh! It’s basically my battle cry. But what does it mean? Well, like I always say, read those labels. And if you read an ingredient list of ANY True Love product, EVERY SINGLE ingredient is plucked directly from Mother Nature. Oils, Extracts, and Minerals – that’s all I use. No fillers. No toxins. No bullcrap. My focus is to give your skin the nutrition it needs, directly where it needs it. I don’t make “cures” or “treatments”. I make skin care that simply gives your skin the nutrition it needs to fuel it’s own amazing regenerative abilities. Nourished skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin! It’s unbelievable the results you get when you FINALLY eliminate all those toxins and replace them with #MotherNatureFresh nutrition.

In a world where “natural” skin care is mostly a lie, I needed a phrase to show you that True Love Skin Care sets itself to a higher standard, and so #MotherNatureFresh was born. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and like any other organ it needs nourishment to operate effectively & efficiently. And if it’s getting that nutrition directly (without all the toxic crap in Big Skin Care’s products), it’s amazing how healthy, strong, & beautiful your skin can be. It’s time to truly love the skin you’re in!

So, the next time you reach for a product from True Love Skin Care, you can do so with the confidence that you’re choosing a brand that prioritizes your health, and the value of Mother Nature’s goodness. Because when it comes to skin care, it’s time to treat your skin with the care and respect it deserves!

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