AKA – Why Your Lips Are Still Dry, Cracked, & Sore!

Hello, my Lovelies! We’ve all been there – slathering on waxy lip balm in hopes of achieving soft, kissable lips, only to find ourselves still grappling with dry, cracked skin. What gives? Let’s dive into the lip balm mystery and uncover why most lip balms fall far short and can even become addictive without delivering the promised results.

The Wax Conundrum:

Many lip balms boast about their wax content because it forms a protective barrier. While this may be true, it’s a double-edged sword. Wax does prevent moisture from passing through. But if there’s no moisture in your lips to begin with, blocking moisture is NOT a good thing! And the waxes, oils, fragrances, and dyes found in typical lip balms lack any moisture themselves, and worse, often they actually strip existing moisture! Instead of hydrating your lips, you’re encasing your lips in a dry sealed tomb! This causes further damage that is only revealed as the waxes and oils rub off, leaving you in a cycle of temporary relief followed by chronic chapping.

The Addictive Allure:

Ever wondered why you find yourself reaching for your lip balm all the time? Some lip balms can be sneakily addictive. The temporary relief they provide prompts frequent reapplication, creating a dependency that doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. Again, if you’re not hydrating & nourishing your lips, you’re not healing them! It’s time to break free from the cycle of lip balm addiction! You need a lip balm that not only seals in moisture, but actually provides the moisture that’s needed!

An Unnatural Concoction

The one thing I preach over & over & over – READ YOUR LABELS. And it’s shocking how many ingredients a simple tube of lip balm can have. As I tour the country to educate people at various events, I like to play a little game with my classes. I ask everyone in the audience to dig though their purses, pockets, etc, for any product they put on their skin and then read the labels. And the person with the product with the most ingredients wins a prize. Know what wins the prize 9 times out of 10? You guessed it – LIP BALM! And it’s almost always a certain well-known brand that most people buy because it’s explicitly marketed as “natural”.

And the worst of these numerous ingredients are enigmatic “dyes” & “fragrances”? What chemicals in those? Who knows?!?! The FDA has said we as consumers don’t have any right to know. And while a pleasant scent and a pop of color can be enticing, the fragrances and dyes in many lip balms might be doing more harm than good. They are certainly know to be irritants and allergens, but the really scary thing is little testing beyond that is ever done. Because, once again, the wonderful FDA has said it isn’t important for customers to know for certain if these products are safe. If you wouldn’t put it IN you? Why are you putting it ON you?

So, what to do?

There is hope. And like with all things Skin Care, the key is to use a combination of #MotherNatureFresh ingredients that nourish & moisturize your lips, and then seal in that moisture with a natural layer of protection. All without using ANYTHING artificial, irritating, toxic, our otherwise sneaky. Here’s some keys to a truly wonderful lip balm –

  • Moisture is Key: Your lips are DRY, they need to be WET, not oily or waxy. A great lip balm contains natural plant extracts & oils that contain moisture that your lips need.
  • Nature’s Nectar: A critical element of good skin care is a natural humectants. This is just a fancy term for something that absorbs surrounding moisture and locks it into your skin, And the best skin care uses natural humectants like raw honey to accomplish this!
  • Minerals: As your lips become dehydrated, cracked and damaged, you need critical minerals, like sulfur and magnesium to repair that damage and regain softness & suppleness! Plus, if you fortify your lips with critical minerals, you’ll increase your skin’s strength and resilience!
  • Sealing the Deal: So, you’ve got all this #MotherNatureFresh goodness on your lips? Now’s the time to add that waxy coating to seal & protect. And there’s no better sealant than good ol’ beeswax! Our bumbly friends have provided a natural solution that does this job amazingly well! Let’s all give them a buzz of approval, shall we?!


Don’t let the lip balm mystery leave you with unsatisfactory results. True Love Skin Care understands the science behind soft, strong lips, offering a solution that goes beyond mere surface sealing. Break free from the cycle of lip balm addiction and embrace the nourishing power of True Love for lips that are truly ready to face anything!


True Love’s Kiss

Uses: For kiss-ably soft lips!