Socks Aren’t the Solution!

Hello my Lovelies! When you’ve been teaching nutrition-based skin care as long as I have, you come across a LOT of skin care myths & totems. And the one of the most common I hear is some variation of – “Should I put on socks after I use True Love on my cracked feet?

Now, pease don’t blame yourself if you’ve wondered the same thing. It’s not your fault! Once again, I blame Big Skin Care. In their endless pursuit of profits over cures, they’ve filled their lotions and creams with cheap crap instead of #MotherNatureFresh ingredients like they should. As I explained in a previous blog alcohol and other junk causes most lotions to evaporate long before they’ve penetrated your skin, leaving you feeling parched.

So, to combat this reality, people have tried all sorts of solutions – like covering up with socks! It’s a story as old as my grandma’s homemade boysenberry pie recipe, but not nearly as YUMMY!

However, the truth is quite different. While socks may indeed slow down a lotion’s evaporation, it doesn’t solve the true problem – CRAP skin care products. Whether you wear the socks or not, the lotion / cream / balm / butter / etc will still evaporate to quickly!

Mother Nature to the Rescue!

The agony of dry, cracked hands and feet can make you try just about anything to find relief. Remember my grandma and her YUMMY boysenberry pie? Well, I learned the sock trick from her also! I watched my grandma try this trick over and over and still wake up in pain with no healing in sight. The good news is that Mother Nature has provided the answer! And I’m here to share the simple solution with everyone who’ll listen! No socks required!

All it takes are Four KEY ingredient types –

  1. Moisturizer – OK, I get it, Duh, everyone know this. But the reason I mention this is because most people use the wrong kinds of moisturizing ingredients, and even then they stop here, without thoughts of the other KEY ingredients.
  2. Humectant – this fancy word just means something that helps you absorb moisture into your skin where it’s needed. All the water in the world won’t help, if your body can’t absorb it, like how washing your hands dries them out over time! Your skin care needs LOADS of natural humectants to keep absorb that precious moisture your body needs.
  3. Sealant – just like plants often has a waxing coating to lock in water, your skin has natural oils to do the same. But these oils can easily be stripped away. Adding natural oils and waxes to your skin care keeps that moisture locked in safe & secure!
  4. Nutrients – our skin is the largest organ of your body, and it needs plenty of nutrition! And best of all, your skin can absorb that nutrition directly. Plus, your skin is often more efficient than your gut at absorbing minerals and other nutrients! By cutting out toxic skin care & cosmetics and repainting it with #MotherNatureFresh ingredients, your skin will positively glow with gratitude!

To maintain a healthy skin it’s important to carefully read product labels and steer clear of any containing alcohol, sulfates, parabens, or other preservatives. If you wouldn’t put it IN you, don’t put it ON you! Opting for products without these ingredients can help protect your skin and overall well-being.

Bid adieu to the age-old sock ritual and say hello to skin that’s so soft, so supple, and so beautifully moisturized that it’s practically singing “Hallelujah!” It’s time to give your skin the True Love it deserves and say goodbye to the discomfort you’ve endured for far too long. Using nothing but #MotherNatureFresh ingredients I created Professional Grade healing balm. As the name suggests, this is for the worst dry, cracked skin. I created it in honor of my Grandma and other Medical Professionals who constantly wash their hands to the point of making them crack and bleed. And if it can nourish that skin back to health, it can handle yours!

Every product I’ve created has a little of my story in it. Professional Grade is no different. Every time I open a jar, I remember spending time with my grandma and letting her stories and wisdom soak into my heart and mind. Thanks for sharing this time with me, I hope you have a blessed day!

~ In loving tribute to Beverly Cooper ~


Pro Grade Pack

Uses: Soothe severely dry & cracked hands, elbows, heels, & feet!