Pamper Pack

Pamper Pack



  • Daily Skin Maintenance & Nourishment
  • Relieve Stress & Promote Wellness
  • Dry, Cracked, Under-Nourished Skin

Pamper Yourself! Or, better yet, Pamper your True Love! The Pamper Pack brings together all of our best products for maintaining healthy, soft, & strong skin, all for one great price. This Pack Contains:

  • Professional Grade (4 fl oz) to nourish, moisturize, & protect your skin
  • True Love’s Kiss (0.5 fl oz) for soft & kissable lips
  • Hot Springs Mineral SoakĀ (1 cup) to relax while you nourish your body
  • Special Bonus – Pumice Stones (x3) – for getting rid of unwanted dead skin.

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