Starter Collection (Good)

Starter Collection (Good)


Get all the basic True Love goodies in one great Collection for one great price!

Are you sick and tired of chemical- & alcohol-laden skin care? Are you craving healthy, radiant, & luxurious skin? True Love is the pinnacle of radical self care!

We’ve combined your favorite True Love basics into one great Collection! The Starter Collection allows you to try a variety of great products, all while saving money!

The Starter Collection includes 9 amazing products designed to deliver Simple, Natural & Direct Nutrition!

Remember, Nourished Skin = Healthy Skin, & and Healthy Skin = Beautiful Skin!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, so try it today!

  • Cleanse (6 fl oz) – Gently wash away dirt, makeup, and other skin contaminants.
  • Glow (1 fl oz ) – This mineral-packed scrub & moisturizer is the foundation of daily Self Care.
  • Mineral Mist (4 fl oz) – This mineral-infused spray invigorates, and is an activator for Glow.
  • Silk (1 fl oz ) – Not only does it lock in moisture all day, it makes a terrific after-shave treatment or make-up primer!
  • Professional Grade (4 fl oz) – Professional-level help for dry & cracked hands, elbows, heels, & feet!
  • Spot Paste (1 fl oz) – For rashes, spots, bumps, and other skin issues!
  • Deodorant (2 fl oz) – No aluminum, no chemicals, no additives, no smell!
  • True Love’s Kiss (0.5 fl oz) – A daily moisturizer & protection for kissable-soft lips!
  • Soothe (10 ml) – This special carrier oil blend soothes the sting when using product of hyper-sensitive or broken skin.